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What are some ways to use runes in magick?

and how can you also incorporate astrological symbols into the ritual/talisman.?


  1. Runes are unimportant.
    Really, it’s the effort that you put into what you are writing, that is most important. Runes are just ancient calligraphy, not a magical language.
    Words mean things. But, a pile of crap in one language, is an dung heap in another.
    “For that, which we call a rose, in another name would smell just as sweet;…”
    Whats really important is what you are saying. Put your feelings into the spell, it will work. Screw the language!
    Now, if you are trying to write really pretty letters, well, I’d go for the Irish (Celtic) runes. They are just so pretty!

  2. Perhaps the 14 people who are going to make this section better have the answer.
    I haven’t heard of combining runes and astrology. I have read extensively on both. I’d be interested to hear if I’ve missed something.
    I have had success with one binding rune in particular. I came up with it myself by combining meaning into what I wanted. I’ll tell you elsewhere as I see no reason why I should tell some of the people here how to bring more money into their lives.
    Runes have a long history of such use. Today the only evidence that remains is in the form of weapons. Runes carved into wood or stone would likely be destroyed by the elements.


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