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What are some ways to practice telepathy?

yesterday I tried telepathy (sending messages only using the mind) for the first time with my best friend and it worked. At first she would think of a color and i would say which one she was thinking and we did it the other way around (me sending the color) for like 10 times and we got all 10 right. Then i told her to think of any word and i got it right, then she thought of any animal and i got it right again. after that she thought of people that we knew in school and i got 4/5 right. I also asked her questions like “what do i want to eat and drink right now?” and she got it right.
we were really surprised! but i want to know what other things can we do to improve our telepathy skills, because we are beginners so we aren’t really that good. Also, while im not with her, is there a way to practice telepathy by myself?
oh and for those who are going to answer that telepathy does not exist and all that then dont bother answering to this.
there werent body movements, i slept over her house and it was completely dark.


  1. telepathically communicating is just reading body movements and knowing each other.
    I think i could do it with one of my friends, we were across the room and I made this face and she instantly knew what I was thinking so she laughed.

  2. Ok, I wont go into any empirical research on that topic, because you don’t want that.
    Instead, here is something more like an official test of telepathy.
    You and your friend would have to be silent, and separated from view by a curtain or devide or something. This rules out any other form of communication such as cold readers sometimes might use, consiously or unconciously. Hey, if Clever Hans can do it…
    Secondly, you’ll need about 100 trials, no feedback. Your friend could write the answers, maybe, while you record the actual stimuli. And you need a truely random selection. The easiest would probably to be to shuffle a deck of cards (which also gives you a good range of stimuli), then turn them over one by one and attempt to “project” each card. You could turn them over every fifteen seconds, and each have a timer, so you know when to expect this without verbal communication (see above).
    At the end of your 100 trials, you will have a number of correct and incorrect responses. Run a Chi Squared test on these (for how to run a test, see the link below). It’s a very simple test, really. If the significance level is 0.05 or below, then you have something to be excited about. Or at least worthy of further testing.
    This is much more reliable data than thinking of things yourself with your best friend, who you know well, while face to face, for a small number of trials like ten. You need large number of trials, and random sequence of stimuli. Otherwise it’s not reliable results.


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