Home Discussion Forum What are some ways to block astral projection visitations?

What are some ways to block astral projection visitations?

And then how to go about allowing accepting projection visitations when wanted?


  1. Ask God to place a hedge of protection around you. You’ll be guarded by angels, and his almighty hand.
    I wouldn’t recommend undoing such a request though.

  2. Since such things are the products of active imaginations, blocking or unblocking astral visitation is simply matter of imagination as well. Have fun.

  3. Apparently getting lost blocks astral visitations.Projectors have never been able to find anyone or anything that was missing.

  4. David’s pretty much got it–protect your house and let it be known–to God, to your guides, or your angels–who you DO want to be let in. I just my guides, “I want to be left alone, I want NO ONE let in” and nobody gets in.
    OR… I have heard of shielding your house, in such a way that nothing can get in, but I haven’t been able to figure that one out yet.
    good luck

  5. Strengthening your own astral awareness is the only way that you can learn to control who can or can not visit you. By inviting Guides into your life you can find assistance in the astral. Make a web search on astral projection, and astral experiences. It might help you to get Astral Dynamics, or Adventures Beyond the Body. Do not fear the astral it is all around you anyways.
    You could also visit http://www.vampiretemple.com

  6. Method One:
    Put signs out on your lawn indicating your preferences.
    Get one of those “Santa Stop Here” signs that kids have, cross out Santa write in Astral Travellers in it’s place.
    Method Two
    Wallpaper your entire room with tinfoil, including the ceilings, floor, windows and door, when you want to accept an astral traveller simply leave your door open.
    This is a bit more time consuming but guaranteed to work.

  7. Learn what http://www.astraldynamics.com
    “The Masters and Their Retreats,” Mark Prophet,
    “Watch Your Dreams,” Ann Ree Colton, and
    “Entering the Circle” and “The Master of Lucid Dreams,” Dr. Olga Kharitidi, teach.
    http://www.divinedecisionmaking.com is also helpful, as is
    http://www.easwaran.org for meditation.
    Simply asking God to protect, teach, and heal you, while your body rests, is effective. Is done on a daily basis, or perhaps as needed.
    http://www.coasttocoastam.com radio (click on “Affiliates” button for local stations) also has occasional guests on this subject.

  8. I don’t know exactly what your talking about but I’m guessing that you don’t people visiting you in their astral forms. so here’s a technique: imagine a bright white light coming from your body OK now imagine it getting bigger and bigger surrounding the whole room this might take a while to successfully do, but it’s the only one i know.(The shield doesn’t need to be a bright light it could be glass or something) Oh and if you feel somewhat more safer for some reason you’ve probably have done it.

  9. Protection Chant:
    Elements of the sun
    Elements of the day
    Come this way
    Powers of night and day
    I summon thee
    I call upon thee
    I call upon thee
    To Protect me
    So shall it be
    Home Protection:
    Guard this threshold
    Guard this door
    So that (person’s name)
    Can pass no more
    You can use the second one, which mentions the person’s name (it also works if you don’t know its real name and just make a name up for it – I used it for Top Hat Guy) to block only the visitors you do not want. The first one will protect you from the bad things in general but you could still recieve good astral visitors.

  10. There is more than one way to do Astral Projection. Since you didn’t provide any additional information, learn how to do it according to what’s known as the Little Method under your own control. That way you can control the projection.
    Some of the best information on how to do it is at:http://www.theanointedtheelectandthedamned.com/chapter41.htm
    The Art and Practice of Astral Projection is another good resource.


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