what are some ways for me to enter sleep paralysis. dont ask why i just want to do it.?

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i want to experience it for certain reasons

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Sleep deprivation works for me.
Of course, I don’t intentional try to get sleep paralysis, it’s just a side-effect from staying up too late to study.

Samantha B

Sleep on your back.
Sleep paralysis can be down right terrifying. I don’t know why anyone would ever *want* to experience it.

MrDucky [Atheist] LOL

remove ones spinal chord.
a better way would be to play with a paralysis tick, you can find them on animals…

Pink Uranus

Just find a coral snake and try to tie a knot in it. I’m sure you’ll be paralyzed in no time.


Alas the only few times it happened for me was when I realised I was asleep and dreaming and tried to move my body. So I guess, try to notice you are asleep.


I don’t think you can force it. I’ve heard it’s more likely to happen when you are really tired, but if that always worked I’d have had it every Sunday in college.

Anomaly rising

When you wake up on a day off after sleeping in.
Eat a huge breakfast and go back to sleep.
Think about something stress inducing or paranoid like someone breaking in ect.
Sleep on your back
This is a guarantee for me if I want to induce it. Although I naturally get them often which is why I don’t take naps or sleep on my back. Warning: Sleep paralysis can be scary especially if you hallucinate.

We're a bunch of monkeys!!

Been there, done that, it wasn’t fun, don’t want to do it again.

Astral Projector In Training

Hey Ithz Me George, Wake up At 3am, say up all day, at around 4pm go to sleep then wake up before 10pm, then fall asleep again on your back, then you’ll wake up to someone trying to choke you lol


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