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What are some types of Magick? Help!?

I don’t mean Black, and White, and Grey, I mean Solitar, Partnerman, Cause and Effect, Physical. I would also like the definitions in your words, becuase the online dictionary definitions are hard to understand, and I need the answer quick. If you don’t know than don’t answer. Don’t tell me Magick doesn’t exist, because I know it does, and don’t care what you think of it.
~ Aly


  1. Magic or magick or majic or majick (the paranormal kind, as opposed to the illusory kind) is not known to exist, and in fact you don’t actually know that it does. You feel that it does, you think it does, but you don’t know that it does. Knowledge is a very different thing than feelings and opinions.
    The types of magic therefore are really only limited by one’s imagination. You can make up any kind of magic you want, and you can spell it any way you want. It’s all up to you.

  2. Really the only way to find out, research it. Find online covens and ask about it there-that’s where you’ll find the best answers. All you’ll get on Y!A are a buncha skeptics who want to tell you about science. It’s really something of personal preference and understanding than it is really defined. It’s soo hard to explain, I’m sorry I can’t help more.
    Good Luck
    p.s.-please, if your looking into it because you want to practice it-be VERY careful. it’s only toying with things no one truely understands and you can get yourself in a lot of trouble with forces that may be unseen to you. know what you’re getting into.

  3. There is many types of magic, but in essence it is all the same. Every religion that has ever existed uses some form of magic. Prayer is magic. Magic is the sending out of energy to get desired effects. Magic goes by the faith factor or scientifically put- the placebo effect. You have to truly believe it, or else it is not real. Faith is the only reality, everything else is fleeting.

  4. And why you forgot Green?
    There are so interesting facts about the big power in/of Nature.
    Moreover all Black and White respect deeply it- /mags don’t like to do with Shamans/.
    Anyhow I would suggest you begin with reading of good Tales and Myths , classic S&F ,popular or not scientific readings, religion/s etc. and at age not under 40 to ask about details for Mags.


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