What Are Some Tools to Make My Book of Shadows?

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I ordered a custom made Book of Shadows through witchesmoon.net and it is BEAUTIFUL!! I have calligraphy pens and ink to write the text with. But I was wondering what I can use for the illustrations. I don’t want to use crayons because I don’t think it will look very pretty. I know pretty much zilch about art supplies. Is there a type of color pencil or anything I can use to create the look I am after. I am including a link to the image that has the detail I want to capture.
Scroll down to the VERY bottom of the page and you’ll see a very beautiful, detailed page of a BOS. Do you know what she used? What do YOU use?

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Actually, I have journals, not a BOS. Anyway, I found a set of colored pencils at a store that carries art supplies. The pencil work can be made into a water color with a wet brush. I learned long ago–when I was using charcol and pen–get a spray that seals the work. There must be such pencils for sale somewhere on the net.
Btw, I still use a dip pen to emphasize.
If you know what a dip pen is, you’re probably as old as me.
P.S. one of the pictures has a hand holding a dip pen.


I actually just use a regular pen and a journal bought at Barnes and Noble.A lot of other witches just use three ring binders as their Book fo Shadows.
While although it is nice to have your BOS be appealing to the eye, that isn’t nearly as important as what is actually written in it.When I first began to practice witchcraft, I like you wanted to have my BOS be old and authentic looking.I was pretty good at calligraphy,so I used to do all of my entries as such.However eventually it became a hassle to get the pens out and keep it written and looking as fancy as when I started and I just switched over to a regualr pen.
I’m not sure what you mean by illustrations though.I understand that BOS are personal to the person and you can put whatever you want in there, but very rarely do hear fo people actually setting aside pages and such to illustrate things on.I do draw in my BOS to relate how I am feeling about certain things and such, but I usually just use a sharpened pencil, flare it, use pen and ink, or colored pencil.
If you want a good colored pencil go with Prisma pencils, they are what we use in my art class, and they work well if you are looking for something simple.
However given that those books are going for that older book look, I would say something along the lines of watercolors, charcoal, maybe even oil pastels.
Good luck.


Wow, you must have a pretty good job to be able to afford one of those books. Personally I believe they are overpriced. I made one pretty close to these books for under $50 (hard cardboard cover, post-screws, sketchbook pages).
My book (at the moment) doesn’t contain any illustrations. I’m not very artistic either. They just contain words, and once I am done the writing, I will add embellishments of symbols (rather than pictures). It’s your book, you can put whatever you want in it. And I mean whatever you want. You can cut/print out pictures and glue them in, use stencils, draw…you can use crayons, pencil crayons, paint, whatever your heart desires.
I have no idea what she uses to make her books, but the materials must be pretty expensive.


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