What are some tips to learning tarot cards?

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Open mind is a must. Perseverance is another one. But parochiallyspeaking, start doing readings right away. You will be looking u the meaning in your books for awhile which will help you mmemorizethe basics. Do not be afraid, after some practice time, to follow your intuition. Also, try to look at each card carefully before you go to sleep. Some interesting ideas could arise from that.


First read the book / booklet that came with the deck. Look at the pictures, see where they are coming up with those keywords or thoughts. Study picture symbolism, use your intuition.. visit sites and organizations that run teaching classes.. ask professional readers questions or find a mentor.. and practice practice practice.. then after all that, continue learning the cards by studying other systems that relate to the cards, such as, astrology, numerology, crystals, alchemy, etc. 🙂
Hope that helps

The Seer

well you got to be open minded. gotta be focused. well there’s always having the natural gift for it. being clairvoyant helps. just keep trying. it takes practice to get it

Jasmine Moon

Hi, I have been reading cards for 15 years now and here are some of the tips I give all beginners:
-throw out the book that came with the deck, the art of tarot is in how you interpret the cards.
-take each card, one a day is a great way to do this, and study it in depth. Look at the colors, the picture, the background, symbolism and emotion in each card. Read it like a story and meditate on what the card means to you. Getting to know the cards personally is very important.
-Don’t worry about spreads… the best way to read for a beginner is to just start pulling cards and reading them. Some times a past present and future 3 card draw is the best reading someone gets!
-if you have cards that fly out of the deck while you are shuffling, or you are drawn to very strongly.. then pull it out and read it! the card obviously wants to tell you something 🙂
-Find a way to personalize your deck and keep it working with your energy on it… a special bag or tie for it.. lots of shuffling.. keeping crystals around it.. how ever you wish to express yourself into them. I am currently working on a “color your own tarot” for this reason.
-Do not be stalled by a deck that doesn’t fit you… even the deck that features your favorite color and spirit animal and all that jazz can not call to someone and speak to the reader.. keep trying different decks till you find one that you are really comfortable with.. I have been using the same deck for 13 years now.. and its all old and worn now.. but man I couldn’t find a better one 🙂
Good luck!
ETA- start off with readings when ever you are comfortable. I would practice as much as possible and with people who are patient enough for you to sit and find the meaning. I would also make sure you feel comfortable with the person you are working with..so there is no pressure.


Well, a good book is a must. I often suggest to those starting out to get the book “Power Tarot” and the reason I suggest it is because there are several areas–love, work, finances, etc.–that the book has definitions on. However, after time you will learn that you have completely different or expanded meanings for the cards. You’ll most likely find that at least one card has a different meaning for you.
Also, you must be patient and keep practicing. Tarot is not something you’re going to master in a matter of days. It takes years of practice to become good at Tarot.


Read the book that comes with the deck, especially if there is a certain theme associated…understand the story or mythology associated with the deck. This is essential in understanding most decks.
Sit down and also write what you think about each card…what do you think it symbolizes? Write down one or a few key words for each card. Sometimes key phrases will help. Some people like to actually write down a key word on each card.
Read the tarot over and over, for yourself and others, to try and get a feel for the deck. Try more than one spread too, most people use the celtic cross spread, but it’s not for everyone.
Also, try and figure out the associations of the numbers of the numbered cards. What do 5’s generally depict? What do Aces mean? Also, try and understand what each suit represents. This may be different for each deck, so read the book. A lot of people don’t like reading the book, but I feel it’s important. Just don’t rely completely on it…the most important thing when interpreting symbols is getting a feel for what YOU think they mean, and sometimes you will get sudden Intuition that doesn’t have anything to do with the traditional meanings. Also, if your book is very small and doesn’t give a very detailed description of each card, try and get the book Pictorial Key the Tarot, which is for the Rider Waite Deck, which is what ‘most’ modern decks are based on.
Also try and just go through the entire deck when you feel more comfortable and try and say what each card is, and look it up to see how close you were.
Another thing, try and think of times in your life that you can relate to for each card…this will help you understand what each card means, and remember it. It can also help when your reading for others…you can give an example in your life how that card is significant.


Eat, sleep, walk & talk them.
To truly learn them you have to dedicate to them, fine a deck that you really love & practice as much as you can.
You can join us if you wish, we have 5 tarot rooms & plenty of tarot folk to share with http://www.holisticpathstowisdom.co.uk/forum

Elaine M

The Learntarot.com site is excellent.
Pick the STYLE of deck you want to learn. They break down into three major groups–
Rider Waite decks
Marseille Decks
Oracle decks.
Each reads a different way. Pick one and learn that type (the learntarot site is for the Rider Waite). Each card has a basic theme, and it hasl 6 or 7 meanings in reverse. The sequence also has a theme, which helps in learning the cards.
When you lay them in a spread, the position the cards are laid in also has meaning, which gives depth, but for the actual cards themselves, learn each one separately then how each compares to the card on both sides of it in the sequence it falls in in the deck.


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