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What are some tips on astral projecting?

This morning I woke up around 5:30. I had to get ready for school. So once i was done getting ready i had extra time(30 minutes) so i went to get more sleep. I had a few dreams but kept waking up to check the time. On my last dream i remember going in a closet. When i was in the closet, i started hearing buzzing noises and feeling vibration. They kept getting higher and higher. I couldn’t move my body. I wanted to experience the whole thing but i remembered i had to go to school, so i fought the sleep paralysis ( i guess ) by trying to move my legs. Finally after a few seconds they moved. Then i moved my fingers and opened my eyes. I would very much want to astral project( thats what i think was happening )or come close again. Are there any tips on getting to this phase ( astral projection ) again?(:


  • Hi Shade,

    Very cool experience. Sounds to me like you projected . Too bad you had to get up for school sounds like you would have had a decent experience.

    Conscious astral projection happens as the physical body falls asleep but the mind stays concentrated on one thing. Then you become aware of the split taking place. Also it is possible to wake up out of a dream. Sounds like this is what happened to you. Since you had been physically and mentally rested from the nights sleep it is no wonder that you were a bit conscious of what was happening. Many people, me included, find it easier to project in the morning after a decent night sleep. Less likely to fall into a deep sleep and into a dream.

    There many websites out there with tips and info. Some better than others. In my opinion the best ones I have come across are http://www.astralweb.org and http://www.gnosticawakenings.com They are sister sites. Both places have really solid and reliable info without all of the mumbo jumbo and fluff you may find on other sites. If you want to learn how to do this then those sites are a great place to start.

    Don’t pay much attention to all of the negative responses. People tend to fear and mock that which they don’t understand.

    Kind regards,


  • As a beginner, you will know when you are trully astroprojecting when you can see your immobile body as separate from yourself. You may also be aware of a dull silver cord attached between the two of you.

    Don’t mess with astral projection until you are fully knowledgeable and prepared for it. Otherwise, it can be disastrous. Search out the eastern mystery religions for more information. Don’t read the pop-magical crap on the web that is not based on meditative principles …that’s self-hypnosis.

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