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What are some things you were able to obtain or get or see or achieve doing Magic or Wiccan rituals and etc?

What have you done and got?


  1. Please dont do it !!! it is the devil himself giving the power to people bc they have given their life to him. Stay away satan will only destroy you and your family. Ask God for anything that you need and believe in Him. Believe me God makes miracles. And He is for us not against us.

  2. What I’ve “gotten” from the practice of the Wiccan religion is interaction with the gods. Don’t your gods bother with you?

  3. Well, they are two different things generally, although sometimes magic is part of a ritual.
    As for magic, it is not the hocus-pocus of movies. I cast spells to help me get simple things I need, usually things I am working towards in mundane ways– like casting a spell to get a job (while I am seeking employment) or to pass a test (while I am studying). It gives a boost, increases my chance of success. A large part of magic is just psychologically preparing yourself to tackle a goal.
    As for ritual, that is for spiritual purposes in general. I have gotten handfasted (married) in a Wiccan ritual, my newborn babies have been blessed, I have celebrated joys, expressed gratitude and communed with the Divine in ritual.
    Contrary to popular belief, my religion is not about *oh I just do this and that and get anything I want*. That is not it’s purpose, not it’s aim, and certainly not the results. Following it brings peace, contentment, comfort and spiritual fulfillment. Magic is simply a part of it, just one additional measure to take when working hard towards my needs and desires.


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