• When you become aware of dreaming and you may be able to control it. You can develop muscle memory to in it. (It’s good if you play sports)

    There is a great guide here on how to lucid dream:


    You should try to FILD, or C-WILD. it works better than WILD i think. search FILD on the internet you can’t find it in this guide i dont think. Set an alarm to 5 hours after you sleep and try one of those techniques. It really works. Also ignore the numbness in your body and the sounds you hear in your ears. (It means you’re falling asleep. otherwise known as Sleep Paralysis)

    Yes, I am learning how to lucid dream and i actually had my first one two weeks ago. You can do it it took me 3 months.

    C-WILD guide. Wake up 5-6 hours after you sleep. Lay down on your back and relax. Count to 100 like this. 1 i am dreaming. 2 i am dreaming. 3 i am dreaming. once you get to 100 sit up in your bed. Plug your nose. and try to breath through it. if it works your in a lucid dream. if not then try to 120. If it doesnt work this time. try again another night and just go back to sleep. If not try counting backwards

  • the short version: lucid dreams are ones where your aware and in control of the dream. do you want to know more about how do become lucid while dreaming or what? think of it as a daydream. where your aware and awake like during the day, but off in another place so to speak.

  • lucid dreams are when your aware of whats going on in the dream. you know its a dream and are able to make decisions and manipulate your imaginary environment.

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