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What are some talismans, charms, or amulets that might make a person work harder or be more self disciplined?

It’s not like I really believe this but I am so frustrated with my brother (father of 3 who has worked only 15 months in more than 4 yrs time).
I want to do something, even if it is just a token thing.
I know he needs mental help. He said he would. He won’t.
I know this is desparation.
Perhaps I just want the illusion that I can do something.
Besides – Who knows?


  1. well if just want it as a token any amulet will do really. just tell them that it’ll help him with harder work.
    i do believe that they help and that anything can be used for it if it’s done right.
    but like i said if you want it as a token, just get him something nice and tell him what you want it to be for.
    some good ones are
    a lot of celtic knots,
    if he’s christian a cross
    if he’s knowledgable, a pentagram
    things like that.

  2. Master, Commanding, or Bend Over formulas could be of help with what you describe. Places like Indio and Lucky Mojo sell them.
    However, there is also a formula called Cast Off Evil that sounds like it might be more suited to what you want — it’s to rid people of bad habits. http://www.luckymojo.com/castoffevil.html has a spell and links to where you can buy the materials. Something like Cast Off Evil a mojo might do, especially if you could hide it around your brother’s home.


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