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What are some spiritual connections/meanings to sleep paralysis?

I know what the scientific meaning of sleep paralysis is, and i know what it’s caused by in the brain.
But, I’m looking for more spiritual answers for it.
Because, it’s started happening to me, and just recently I’ve been studying the practice of Astral Projection and Dream Control. And just before one of my major sleep paralysis episodes, I was telling a friend of how I’d much rather sleep my life away; that way I wouldn’t have to deal with the “bullshit” things everyone goes through. And i wouldn’t have to think, i’d just dream.
Then this starts happening, and I realized, if this happens then i do not want to be sleeping.
So, does anyone have any spiritual answers for/about sleep paralysis?
*keep in mind that i said i was studying the practice of Astral Projection & Dream Control.


  1. It is a well-known and documented fact that Sleep Paralysis links to the dreaming stage of our sleep, indicated by REM (Rapid Eye Movement). When dreaming it is important that our body does not act out our dreams or we may end up fighting our partners, trying to run, dance, swim etc. In order to protect us, therefore, our brain switches off our muscles, or relaxes them to the point of paralysis.
    Waking up while your body is still in this state is pretty horrifying for you are in a betwixt and between stage; sleep is trying to drag you back down but your conscious mind is awake and beginning to panic because of the paralysis; fear is a powerful emotion and can release images, sounds and a creation of all pervading evil which we would not normally experience in our normal state of awareness and for this reason we are convinced everything is coming from outside ourselves.

  2. I don’t think sleep paralysis has a spiritual connection really. If it had anything to do with astral projection then you’d be seeing your body from the outside and not be able to move it, with sleep paralysis your inside your body and can’t move. I think that it’s purely just your body taking more time to wake up than your mind. Although i have read accounts that Spirits and Aliens can cause it (ok i know how that sounds but i’m not kidding, people have told me Aliens can paralyze you for a short amounts of time while they ‘experiment’ on you).

  3. Greetings!
    Sleep paralysis is something I know all too well. It’s been going on since childhood, and until recently, I’ve been seeking answers. The physiological and psychological causes (like stress) appear to contribute to SP, but I feel that the real source (or cause) goes beyond the physical realm.
    I believe that sleep paralysis is actually a “gateway” to the spiritual realm. A person’s “third eye” opens, and he or she has an enhanced awareness of his/her surroundings. When I fall into this state, I can see or sense entities, some of which that are terrifying. I’d wake up fearful and frustrated, wondering why others sleep comfortably and why I do not.
    Since starting my search for answers, I’ve come across or have considered a few spiritual possibilities (which sort of “interweaves” each other). These especially apply to those who have encountered entities:
    1. Spiritual warfare: This is a term frequently used in the Christian faith. It can be defined in the following scripture from the Bible: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12, King James Version)
    In my opinion, many entities (not all) encountered during SP may have the intention of harming humans. One would have to turn to God for spiritual protection and strength.
    2. Unresolved conflicts or negative entities/energies from the past: This is such a broad topic. Some possibilities could be:
    a. A person’s home may have been built on or near some type of sacred ground.
    b. The occurrence of a negative past event (murder, for example).
    c. A person’s emotions. For example, if a person is feeling depressed, certain entities or energies may be “drawn” to that person.
    d. The person may just have the spiritual gift of seeing, hearing, and sensing things from the Beyond.
    3. A special mission in life: It’s very possible that a person who overcomes SP will be able to help others who are going through the same thing.
    Another possibility is that certain entities may have been human once and desire to pass on a message to the living or resolve some sort of conflict that happened prior to death.
    Again, all that I’ve listed are just scenarios–nothing written in stone.
    A personal note to you, Aaron: It’s normal to feel frustrated. And believe me, I’ve had my share. Surround yourself around positive people, things, and activities as often as possible. I find that this helps.
    One more thing: Astral Projection/Travel is a concern to me. I say this because I feel that those who do this are taking a great risk. Negative energies and beings exist (in my opinion) and strive to harm. I don’t want you or anyone else to be in a situation that’s too much to handle. If at all possible, I strongly suggest that you avoid astral travel.
    Best wishes!

  4. I had the sleep paralysis for the first time last week. I had to have my lovely pussy cat put to sleep. I had lost the will to live. I woke up but had that sleep paralysis thing. Was trying to move and force my eyelids open but could just not move a muscle. Heard my bedroom door open and a heavy weight on me, then felt like someone lay down next to me and put their arm around me. Think it was about 2 minutes of me struggling to open my eyes & when i finally did open my eyes there was noone there. Lots of theories on this i find but whatever it was it mended my heart and gave me back the will to live. Guardian angel i think!!

  5. it has happened to me a couple of times. there were times that i didnt feel a presence of something. but still i couldnt move. the first time it happened to me, i woke up,then realized i was still in a dream. it was so dark i kept shouting ’mama’. but no sound came out. i was aware of where and how my body was,i could still feel my soul in it but i was paralyzed. i was
    thinking that im gonna die
    that moment. but luckily mom beside moved her body,which caused me to wake up and i felt my body electrified. the other experiences i felt my soul was flying out and
    away from my body. i saw evil clown in a jack in a box,
    its neck was long.like a
    snake,he has fangs.when i woke up i didnt feel scared anymore.
    sometimes i see a white lady too,i pray during sp,and it works all the time.
    but the most interesting one i have encountered,was my latest experience of sp. i saw and felt kurt cobain of the band nirvana,it could be the real spirit of kurt or a diff spirit pretending to be kurt. i think this happened to me because i love kurt and his music. everyday i play his songs on guitar. he’s my inspiration and i talk to him every night when saying my prayers to jesus. a week before it happened i tried
    remote viewing the day he died,but couldnt get
    anything. one afternoon,about 5pm. i was having a nap. my eyes were i think a little open because i saw an image of a man,in the far side of the my room where i sleep. it was a still image of the last evolution of human.the one carrying a long stick,in side view. that image flew and multiplied. so i turned my sight in front of me and saw a white image of
    kurt cobain. he had no face
    but i can feel it was him. i
    could strongly sense it was
    him.so i shout mama . but no
    sound came outand realized
    that i was stil in dream. i could not move. i tried rolling,i rolled. then felt my body in the same position as before. that ghost dragged me out of the bed leaving my body behind. he dragged me and he was taking me into the wall. i closed my eyes not wanting to see his face. then i remembered jesus god. i prayed our father but he was mocking me.saying ‘thats it?‘ . so i talked to god with my heart. i asked him to defeat this spirit.to give me strenght.and i said that i know that you god is powerful.you above all. and it worked.. i could move myself again in that dream. so i kicked that spirit,saw my legs moving.and he was gone.ive awoken.and found out that i didnt really move at all.


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