What are some simple astral projection exercises?






Maybe something like trying to figure out a playing card or something like that. Something you can do by yourself. Any advice would be welcomed.


  1. I had the same thought Mazza, only it’s coming out the other end…
    Sounds like something that could ruin your plumbing.

  2. Take an old deck of cards and put one face up on top of the highest shelf you have. Don’t look at it. Or if that is too tempting, having someone else put it up there. If you really do astral project, you will be able to look at the card and say what it is. Or use a book open to a random page, or whatever else is flat enough that it will not be visible from standing on the floor.
    Of course, if all you want to do is convince someone else you have projected, you will then use a ladder to go up and look at it. The point is to prove to yourself, right?

  3. Why not google it.
    Anyways astral projection is just a delusion so you’re probably not worth wasting your time on it. I wish I could get back the thousands of hours I put into it.

    if you really want to ‘leave your body’ try ketamine, it is absolutely incredible for this type of thing

  5. eat a lot of peyote/shrooms or drink a lot of ayahuasca
    wait a while.
    eat or drink more.
    you should be on some kind of astral realm within a few hours.
    oh yeah an azurite crystal is good for this too. be careful. you probably have no business attempting something like this anyway.

  6. One thing I like to do, is to talk to my friend, and then we’ll Astral Project and see one another. When we go back to our bodies we tell eachother what eachother looks like, and it gets pretty fun!
    But for you, alone, I can’t say. But to prove it to yourself psycologically you’ll need a friend to keep some information separate from you.

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