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What are some similarities between wicca and witchcraft?

I need a lot of information on the similarities between the two for an essay and I couldn’t find a lot on Google. If you could at least give me some that would be great.


  1. Wicca: usually is associate with Earth worship
    Witchcraft is usually associate with negativity and casting spells on ppl.

  2. thats totally against my religion im so not at the liberty to discuss that origin of talk. read the bible follow gods work of art not witch and wizardry

  3. Wicca is a form of witchcraft…it is demonic,wrong,scary,and sick……you cant compare these two, but you can compare a satanist and a wiccan…..PLEASE WITH ALL MY HEART DO NOT EVER CONSIDER THESE!!!! YOU WILL FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE THE SUCKIEST LIFE IN THE WORLD!!!!!! ITS NOT A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE!!! try the bible, i say give it a go for at least a year…go all out hardcore…the tell me you dont like it and go down the wrong path and suffer the consequence of spending an eternity burning in hell on judgment day…idk about you, but i dont want that 😀

  4. Here is the connection:
    Wicca is a religion. You can research that yourself to make it easier on me. 😉 Witchcraft is the practice of a magic, in general. Many/most Wiccans practice witchcraft as part of their religion, but anyone can practice witchcraft and not all Wiccans do.

  5. When Gerard Gardner invented Wicca, he essentially called it modern Witchcraft (the name Wicca was popularized later), and based it off of occult teachings of the day (1950s) mixed with bits of British paganism. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it is the only ‘real’ witchcraft in existence, the medieval witches (which Wicca is superficially modeled after) being largely a product of superstition and scapegoating.
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