What are some similarities and differences between buddhism, taoism, and hinduism?

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I need to know asap
thanks everyone for NOT HELPING AT ALL. except the guy that gave me like 2 sentences when i have to write a whole paper.

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buddhism comes from hinduism, and shares alot of the practices. basically buddhist just stopped believing in an authoratative god, they still believe in dieties and godlike beings, i’m not really that well up on taoism, but i know they use similar methods in their practice, traditionally taoism is a polytheistic religion like hinduism.


They all come from the east. they all end in -ism, two are philosophies, one is a religion. one has a dipthong in it.

Ryūjin Dynasty of Taiwan
Rishabh Kumar a.k.a ऋषभ कुमार

For starters, Hinduism and Buddhism are a whole another system of belief and Taoism is distinctly different from the two.

Ryan Rachel

shouldn’t you be doing your own homework…
you wouldn’t want to be hindu if you visited the country of nepal. they are severely impoverished. if an animal dies on your doorstep it is against the rules to move it. the lowest class of people is referred to as untouchables. even babies can be born untouchables and if without parents the people leave the infant out to fend for himself/herself. there was a two year old boy picking pieces of rice out of the garbage and no one would feed him because he was an untouchable.
very sad situation. so those that say they are into hinduism need to fly to Nepal and see how it’s going for the people.

Human Being Human

Most of us like Won Ton Soup


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