What are some real life examples of a spiritual awakening?

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like that happened to someone famous, or it was a famous event
its for my english paper, please help!

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when someone dies

Jon M dn ǝpıs sıɥʇ

Google St. Francis of Assisi. He had one of the more dramatic.
St. Augustine had a pretty good story too.

Please explain. good day.

you can also google Bill Wilson or go to aa.org; and go to page 567 of the Big Book.


Jesus turning water into wine.
Jesus healing folks.
Jesus casting out demons.
Peter being able to walk on water.
Talk about how they wanted to crucify Jesus and he cooperated with them, because he needed to die so that man kind could have eternal life.
The story of Paul killing/hurting christians and he goes on the road of Damascus and gets saved and begins to preach the gospel of Jesus.
These are all examples of how Jesus transform the lives of the people in the bible.
Pick one you like the best and write about it.
Strive for Excellence.


Well, I’m not famous, but here’s something that I witnessed. I was in a mall in Ft. Lauderdale when I saw a woman absolutely hysterical. Her 3 year old daughter had wandered off and had been found and returned. When the incident first happened a man had approached the distressed mother and asked for a description of the child so he could help look. The mother said she was blonde haired blue eyed normal little girl. Well, that very man found the daughter wandering outside of the mall and promptly took her to the mom. When the little girl saw her mother she began to scream mommy mommy!! The mother was hysterical because her daughter was born a deaf mute. The man who returned the child said,” I’m sorry. You said your daughter was a normal girl and thats what I found.”


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