What are some psychic powers?

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im writting this story about a reluctant hero who has psychic powers.
what are some?
thank you.

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Titan Teddy

Premonitions, which are dreams that come true. Pyrokinesis, which is the ability to control fire with your mind. Other things, like telekinesis, telepathy, and mind reading can be used.


I enjoy that you regard it as fiction, I was half-afraid you were another person thinking that THEY have “powers”
Anyways, since your hero is ‘reluctant’, as in he doesn’t really want to be a hero, he could have premonitions of the future of people dying, and he is always put into a tight position to save them. It sets up that he is psychologically tortured by either seeing these visions during the day, or in his dreams every night. He might believe that if he saves enough of these people, the visions will stop, but his fear is that he’ll be either tasked to save people for the rest of his life, or be haunted by his unwillingness to help. Really it’s a compelling choice between having his own life, or sacrificing it to save people every day (and some of them might not even be worth saving in his opinion sometimes, but that’s why it’s “reluctant”)
After all, if you’re doing a story of a hero who doesn’t want the life of a hero, then a power that forces him to be would be the one for you. sure, other abilities could be made to be a nuisance, like uncontrollable pyrokinesis, being unable to filter out other people’s thoughts from telekinesis, etc. but visions of death constantly is the one that would make the character feel most helpless, at least you can have some level of “fun” with the other powers, seeing people die all the time is a heavy burden, and saving them a heavy responsibility. It would make your “hero” constantly question “why me?”


i no quite a few!!!
there’s telekanisis (moving stuff with your mind) clairvoyancy (the strongest, where you can communicate with the dead and see the future) telepathy (reading minds and communicating with others through your mind)
if you want to be creative in your book make your own psychic power!


Umbrakinesis-shadows and darkness
Sonokinesis-sound waves
Menekinesis-lunar energy
Stoichokinesis-chemical elements


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