What are some pros and cons on Taoism?

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Im doing a project on Taoism and I need to know the pros and cons. I’ve found some bad things about it, but i cant find good things about it. Can you help me please?

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Pros: It relieves stress because you become good at going with the flow instead of fighting things all the time
You become more appreciative and closer to nature
You are more likely to live an authentic life instead of trying to be something you’re not, because you won’t fight yourself if you go with the flow


What could you possibly find bad about Taoism?
Its balance, the balance between receptive and assertive energy that creates the whole one.


do you mean prostitutes and confidence tricksters

Peace Yo hugs Tibet

The only bad thing I can think of about TAOism is that there is nothing and no one to blame for your problems ~ which is also a good thing. A very good thing.

Pastor WIN-throp III

Pro: harmony with nature
Con: a bit wishy-washy

naptime philosopher

I’m surprised that you seem to have found nothing good about Taoism…
first off it is a peace based faith
it is about you not bringing war to your neighbours and then never revelling in your victory if war is brought to you and you win
Taoism is about casting aside judgements… everything just is
it is about following a path to enlightenment(ascending)…
as for cons… I think it is misunderstood, thought of as being passive
but I believe it may be the original start of really turning the other cheek

Dances with Kali

The Tao Te Ching (also called “The Tao”, “The Dao” or the “Dao De Jing”), by Lao Tzu, is one of the most influential books in history. It is the source of famous Chinese sayings such as “Those who know do not speak, those who speak, do not know” and “Even a 1,000 mile journey starts with a single step”.
The Tao says, our mind and soul begin to wander freely in the past realms of psychic and spiritual experience. When you enter this primordial state you are reunited with the true self and divinity within.
You literally conduct the universal energy. You may see into the past and future, understand the true meaning of existence and begin to understand the order of things. You return to the womb, the cocoon of our material structure and nature’s original darkness.
We descend into the void, into the darkness of deep, inner space.
Darkness activates the deepest centers within the brain, the glands of the Crystal Palace, establishing a connection with the Original Source, the Wu Chi.
The pineal gland connects us to the Universal Energy. From the hypothalamus gland, we project our soul or spirit upwards, and receive the descending Universal Energy.
The pituitary gland receives the Cosmic Force, used to launch the spirit bodies into the earthly or human plane for traveling.
Here we see an involvement of the pituitary gland to launch the spirit bodies into the human plane for traveling. We find that when one studies the concept of darkness and meditation in the Tao, one encounters the Mysterious Female.
Taoist doctrine suggest that the Tao is a female universal principle and the Taoist attitude is “to be like an infant” or even as an “embryo”, so as to experience the Eternal Feminine.
There are two principles that are found in the ancient writings: One is the principle of the female or virgin, and the other is the child.
As the Bible says, unless you come as a child you cannot see the Kingdom. This is consistent with the Taoist attitude to be like an infant.
The Tao which means The Way s a female or maternal image.
“The valley spirit never dies-it is called the mysterious female; The gate of the mysterious female is called ‘the root of heaven and earth.’
Gossamer it is, seemingly insubstantial, yet never consumed through use.
There was something featureless yet complete, born before heaven and earth;
silent-amorphous-it stood alone and unchanging. We may regard it as the mother of heaven and earth. Not knowing its name, I called it the ‘Way.'”
Lao Tzu
This is the non-manifest or mysterious (occult) aspect of Tao as the womb of the universal embryo, the womb which generates Heaven and Earth, which is the source of life. Briefly speaking, it is nothing but the Mysterious Mother of the world: The inner being which is able to draw to itself the other higher being.
The mother concept of the Tao includes: Tao as “mysterious womb” and Tao as mother-nurse of all beings.
The Tao speaks of that hidden in the woman (and the inner woman of a man).
The embryo hidden in the womb, like the prototypes of things that are hidden in the “womb” of Tao.
This opinion may be supported by the fact that the images of the womb and embryo are often used by Taoists to describe the “Tao-world” relation. So Tao can be metaphorically defined as the mother of the world, the source of life and being, and the universal female .
“Taoism proclaims that a human being is nothing more than an inseparable psychosomatic unity. So people can obtain immortality only when their body-microcosm becomes a self-sufficient whole–a self-containing reservoir of the vital energy from one side, and when it realizes its potential, isomorphism (RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TWO ENTITIES) with the world-body of the cosmos from another side.” (Professor Tortchinov)
Entering back into the womb of the cosmic mother.
Therefore, Lao-tzu here compares himself with the nonborn baby.
This baby-sage is “fastened and tied” by his embryonic “clothes” and umbilical cord, which unites him with the maternal body. This holy fetus has “the mind [or heart-the thinking and conscious organ according to Chinese tradition] of a fool,” while at the same time it possesses the highest wisdom.
Thus, the connection between birth in the course of the cosmic evolution world and Tao looks quite like the connection between a mother nourishing her child, and the baby itself.
But in the case of humans, there appears a self concept, an independent, self-containing “I,” as an unchanging subject of actions.
This kind of egoistic self-consciousness harms the original unity, and humans begin to counteract Tao.
The predominant attitude of human actions is no longer the law and measure of the cosmic rhythm of Tao, but egocentric preferences, which change spontaneous natural life into purposeful activi


Basically, Taoism is all about balance of energy flow in our system: its simplicity is its strength, when you want to look at ‘pro’s’! (Imbalance creates unhappiness or ailment, according to the principles!)

Tommy H

Daoism is an orthodox belief and therefore there is nothing bad about the practice.
However, there are things a few things one should be knowledgeable about prior to becoming a Daoist student. There are two stumbling blocks to overcome for studying Daoism.
(1) In order to comprehend the ancient scriptures of Dao Te Ching or Daoist Canon, you’ll need to be an excellent Chinese scholar in Chinese literature. Or you’ll need to find a high level Daoist master, who is difficult to come by. Many of the good things are already written in the scriptures.
(2) On page #16 in the Zhuan Falun Lecture on the web: “Daoists used to say that the master looks for a disciple, not that the disciple looks for a master.”
In many beginner Daoists, they are somewhat similar to the wizards of the Western world. “In the Daoist small worldly paths they don’t cultivate longevity. What they do is all about fortune-telling, feng shui reading, exorcising evil, and healing people, and most small worldly paths use sorcery.” copied from page #105 in the Lecture. However, only very good Daoist can attain and advance to higher realm.
If you’re interested to an alternative to reach high level, you learn about the Daoist belief from the online lecture:
An excerpt from the Zhuan Falun Lecture about the difference:
“Daoists cultivate True, Good, Endure with an emphasis on being True. That’s why Daoists strive to, “cultivate truth and nourish inborn nature, say true words, do true things, be a truthful person, return to your original, true self, and ultimately cultivate into a True Person.” But they also have Endure, and they also have Good, it’s just that the emphasis is on cultivating the True part.”
Not relating to Buddhism nor Daoism, Falun Gong is a unique Buddha School, combining the Daoist and Buddhist practice. consisting of five sets of powerful exercises.
Falun Gong, Tibetans, other Buddhists, and Christians have been persecuted in China. The most offensive human right violation is the organ harvesting from the Falun Gong practitioners in China.
Can you kindly sign a petition to stop persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China, please ?

bobby flay

Taoism has no unique structure to it and you have nothing to live for.


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