Home Discussion Forum What are some pretty middle names for Aura and Saige?

What are some pretty middle names for Aura and Saige?

Aura (Or-Uh)
Saige (Sage)
I know you probably hate both names. And if you would like to rant go ahead. But tonight I am updating my namelist and I’ve found these two names. I love them both and I would really appreciate if you suggested some middle names. Thank you 🙂
BQ: If you had to pick, would you prefer the middle name Love or the middle name Ever for a little girl?


  1. Aura sounds New Age/hippie-ish to me, so I imagine it with a similar sort of middle:
    Aura Skye
    Aura Indigo (as in “indigo child”)
    Aura Psyche Delia (two middle names!)
    Aura Love (sounds like “oral love,” so she won’t have to change her name for her future career)
    Saige seems like either a misspelling of the herb, sage, or a mashup of Sage and Paige, so…
    Saige Sinnamon
    Saige Coriandra (Coriander + Alexandra)
    Saige Marjoranne (Marjoram + Anne)
    Saige Rosemahree
    BQ: If someone held a gun to my head, I’d have to say Ever…it’s confusing and un-namelike, but Love is just too porntastic.


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