Home Discussion Forum What are some practical ways to use astrology in everyday life?

What are some practical ways to use astrology in everyday life?

Do you apply astrology techniques in everyday life?
What do you use them for? Do you find them helpful?


  1. This question failed as soon as you put “practical” and “astrology” together in the same sentence. They are mutually exclusive, I’m sorry. Astrology is a bunch of bogus crap. If the question relates to Astronomy, then we can have a conversation, but as-typed, this question is bunk.

  2. There isn’t. Astrology is a pseudoscience and a scam.
    The only thing astrologists do is make broad generalizations and “apply” them to people born at certain times. Don’t base ANYTHING in your life on what they say. You’d be cutting yourself short. Your birth month does not determine what profession you’ll have, your success in love, or you personality type.

  3. Well you can say so. The biggest use of astrology in my view is to identify your own potential weaknesses and shortcomings. While it is quite possible for a person with a reasonable knowledge of astrology to use it to manipulate others weaknesses I try to stay away from this path.I use it only to identify my own potential blind spots.
    “He who knows others is clever, but he who knows himself is wise.” – some wise man

  4. I use astrology all the time in understanding people and coping with their behavior. For example, my older son has moon in Capricorn in the 10th. I tell him to do something, and he does it….no questions asked. My younger son has moon in Aquarius and the 10th in Gemini. I tell him to do something, and he argues with me, so I tell my older son to help me with the younger son, and it works.
    Happy New Year and more, Ms. Capricorn

  5. I find out what The Chiron and Saturn aspects and placements of some of the people I dont like and sting them where it hurts . And yes they are useful.
    Sorry I am in a mean mood, its Full Moon in Cancer .

  6. Apparently some people still think astrology = the horoscopes they read in the newspaper! LOL
    Horoscopes only deal with a tiny fraction of astrology, the Sun, because that fits best in a small space and is easiest to look up. Astrology does NOT try to fit everyone into 12 boxes. Contrary to popular belief, it has never been “debunked” by science because the ones trying to debunk it stop at the newspaper columns and never explore the subject in its entirety. In fact, most of the arguments used against it show a total and utter lack of understanding of what astrology actually is and what it actually does.
    How do I use astrology in everyday life? I use it to understand myself and the important people in my life better, to time my actions with greater success (scheduling writing time around good Mercury aspects for example), to understand the life cycles I’m going through, etc.
    I don’t believe the planets “make” anything happen to you, they’re only reflecting what is already happening via synchronicity. So when it comes to “predictions,” I feel astrology is only able to predict archetypally. A particular aspect can play out in an infinite number of ways, but it can not “just mean anything,” it will stick to the archetypal themes of the planets, signs, houses and aspects involved. So I would say it can give me a kind of “mood” of a particular day, not the specific events that will happen. Generally I tend to have a better day if I’m acting in line with that “mood.”
    To me, it’s no more “fortune-telling” than estimating when a child will lose their baby teeth or forecasting the weather, and there’s no such thing as being 100% accurate. We’re astrologers: no psychic powers expressed or implied. How often is the weather-man-or-woman 100% accurate? Yet they still keep their jobs and aren’t ridiculed for it.

  7. Astrology, not the Sun Sign Horoscopes, has many applications. There is a branch called electional astrology which can be applied in scheduling or electing the best time for major activities such as opening a business or signing big contracts. But since I am an astrologer, I actually use it in all activities where I am at the liberty to choose the time. Here are some activities:
    paying for the tuition, buying items more than $50, holding a meeting, selling, scheduling a major trip, seeing the doctor or dentist, proposing something.
    One simple guide to take note is to avoid “major” activities during Mercury Retrograde periods such as now till Mid-January, the exact day of the New Moon and Full Moon. There are many simple guides which you can follow after several periods of observation. You don’t have to follow blindly, electional astrology can be proven after a period of observation.The void of course Moon is actually a very useful tool.
    I actually made a planning guide using astrology that everyone can use for planning their activities.
    Astrology can in fact be also applied in stock trading. In 2008 the best stock performer according to Hulbert Financial Digest is an astrologer.


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