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What are some of your favorite methods of psychic protection?

I usually put a blue energy ball/field around myself or my house, or my car. I’ve also used “psychic bracelets” when working directly with people…etc. I’m curious to hear more interesting methods. 🙂


  1. Just the white light surrounding me…and most importantly, keeping a positive mind set…being UP…

  2. I tend to do smudgings. I do this for my apartment, my vehicles, and my individual family members. After the smudging I seal the place, item or person with a short protection spell.

  3. I’ve used crystals before, but I’ll use the old standby of white light too. For the times I happen to be scared, alone, or outside at night, I call on the energy of scorpion to send/reflect negative energies back where they came from.

  4. I ask the universe to cover me in the Violet light to protect me against evil
    Then I centre myself in a Diamond to protect me against Negative energy or Negative thoughts that may come my way to be sent back with love : )
    Love & Blessings

  5. Lets see… I do white light visualizations, sage regularly, keep camphor in water in my bedroom (really good for repelling negativity), salt around the perimeter of my yard, and state the intention that no negativity will enter my space. (Only love can enter and leave). I am an empath, so I have to keep the old shields up constantly. I have clear quartz crystals throughout my home to absorb any negativity, as well.
    I regularly take salt baths or showers. They are great for general cleansing and for removing any psychic gunk. Jeez…there are a different million ways….

  6. I use alot of holy water to mop the house and clean off the desk at work. I also add it to my bath water. I burn white candles too.

  7. In addition to what Pixie does, I smudge my house and wear a clear quartz. I also have my “special pets” around my house.


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