What are some of the signs of astral projection?

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When i try it, it will feel like a tinglish feeling sometimes it feels a little floaty but nothing ever happens, am i doing something wrong?
please no mock answers or answers that just say impossible or something along those lines.

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That’s not astral projection. That’s just a trance.


I think I did something like that once. That time, I looked back at my bed and saw my body lying on the bed and when I got up to look at a mirror, all I saw was pure blue energy in a human form. I haven’t actually researched and learned about astral projection but I’m just offering my experience.

James M

It sounds like you’re getting close.

A Unique Mind

You will never project while your body is still awake. You need to put your physical body to sleep, while keeping your mind from going with it. It is highly unlikely you will project if you just attempt it at any time throughout the day bcuz it is very difficult to put your body to sleep at will at any time of the day. It is much easier to project when your body naturally needs to sleep. This is why the WBTB technique can be so effective. Sleep for a few hours, wake up, then attempt AP. Don’t be so tired that you can’t focus & don’t be so awake that you can’t put your body back to sleep again.
The tingly feeling & floating feeling you get are normal as you go deeper & become less attached & less tuned into the physical reality around you. You can feel the tingly sensations at any time during deep meditation & even manipulate them, mentally moving them around etc.
Anyway just google the WBTB technique & give it a try if you haven’t already. It’s good for both AP & LD. It does require practice & experimentation. Everyone has failed attempts, it’s normal, don’t let that get you down.


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