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What are some of the negative environmental impacts of alternative energy?

I ask, because one example of a negative impact, is when catalytic (please excuse spelling) converters were used on newer cars, it did reduce carbon monoxide, but also produced sulfuric acid as as a by product, as just one example. If Hydeogen is used as an alternative, what will keep acid by producs such as acids and bases from being produced?


  1. new hybrid cars use batteries that last around a decade and then die. these are very bad for the environment and are very hard to recycle. Solar energy is not efficient and requires a lot of space. This destroys habitates and the environment. Wind power is more efficient but kills a large amount of birds every year because they fly into them or next on top of the wind mills. As far as i have heard hydrogen is the best because the by product is water. Nuclear power is now a very clean source of large scale energy. it is also very safe… safer than a coal plant now. In fact 72% of France’s power comes from nuclear energy.

  2. The real question is; how much does it cost? It takes a lot of energy to produce a gallon of liquid hydrogen, it takes a power plant to generate electricity to charge electric cars, It takes industry to manufacture wind turbines. Where does all this power come from mostly? You guessed correctly if you said “by burning fuel” of some kind, be it coal, natural gas, or petroleum, so it’s really just trading one form of energy for another, with the possible exception of solar, hydro, or geothermal.

  3. If you use solar energy to make electricity to break the Hydrogen atoms away from oxygen in H2O, then there is very little impact on the environment. Same with Ethanol, of ethanol running machines pick the corn to make into ethanol, there is little impact.

  4. The mechanical gain is generally lower. The energy required “at source” to produce is less efficient. Perculiar to hydrogen is the storage and logistic hazards.
    The cost is impractically high.


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