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What are some of the major achievements of Albert Einstein?

I already have his theory of relativity and his influences on the building of the atomic bomb. What are some other things that he did that are still recognized today?


  1. Probably one of the biggest achievements of Einstein was in the development of quantum mechanics. This would be in 1911 when he did his experiments with the photoelectric effect, which proved that energy was quantized, this backed up Planck`s findings as well as others who led the movement for the development of QM!
    Probably the biggest!

  2. Both Einstein and Szilard were involved with the Manhattan Project and the development of the atomic bomb. During that time they were collecting royalties on the “Einstein” refrigerator.
    This Albert Einstein invention was the only invention patented by Einstein who became more famous for his theories on physics rather than for his work in refrigeration, although scientists are now investigating this technology.
    Einstein was very familiar with patents and licensing. When Einstein graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology he couldn’t find work as a teacher.
    Through a fellow student, he got a job as an assistant patent examiner with the Swiss Patent Office. He reviewed patent applications for electromagnetic inventions.
    Einstein later became an associate professor at the University of Zurich and then a professor at the Charles University of Prague.
    The Einstein refrigerator was an Albert Einstein invention that was patented in 1930.
    It was co-invented with Leo Szilard who was one of his physics students at Zurich University. The invention was licensed to various companies including Electrolux.

  3. unfortunately his influence in making nuclear bomb was not one of his achievements and I am sure he regretted it.
    his profound work in general relativity (special relativity, in, well, a special case of the more general theory) was staggering and ahead of his time.
    his other very well known work is on photo-electric effect. funny though is the fact that although his work on photo-electricity corroborated nicely the ideas of quantum physics, he himself was opposed to it for a LONG time. one of his infamous quotes is ‘God does not play dice’, he did not want to accept the probabilistic behaviour in quantum world, he did regret this too in late part of his life.
    you can easily search on google for more metrial, wikipedia is a nice place to start.

  4. 1. Explaining the photoelectric effect as being tied to the quantum nature of light
    2. Explaining the math behind brownian motion vs. the size of atoms


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