What are some of the branches of paganism?

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okay i am a pagan but dont really know what i classify myself as since i am drawn to more than one branch. My coven says i need to explore the different types of paganism so can u mention some and what they believe?. (i.e., shamanism, druidism, etc.)
thanks a bunch !!

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Fundie 4th Riech

well you have any of the sects of protestantism fundies would be the best choice

Stephan P

they are all demonically inspired so I guarantee you will get equal results from all of them.
Jesus is what you need.

Zelda Moore

You are wrong. I hate it when people do that. Ugh, you don’t know anything you stupid idiotic christian! Sorry guys, we have another idiot one on our hands. Take yourself and your stupid made up religion out of here!


Stephen, educate yourself before responding. Ladies and gents, we have another born-again, pulpit pounding, arrogant “Christian” on our hands who thinks we worship the devil. If you understood things a bit better, you’d know that Christianity was a religion created by man thousands of years after our ancient ancestors worshiped the earth. Get a clue and take you and your made-up religion elsewhere.

Kayla Murphy

I can honestly say you are a bigot, and just because you feel you are close to God because of Jesus, doesn’t make you a better person than any Pagan I have ever met. God would be ashamed to see you trying to control and demean other people.

Holistic Mystic

Gardnerian Pagan
Ceremonial Magic
Greek Pantheon
Egyptian Pantheon
Celtic Pantheon
Norse Pantheon
Golden Dawn
Google them for details


There are many different religions that fall under the Pagan umbrella, so I’ll give you just a sampling. 🙂
My own religion is called Hellenismos. It’s the revival of the religion of ancient Greece. Many of us are Reconstructionist, meaning that we’re trying to revive the religion as closely as possible to the way it used to be practiced while allowing for some modern sensibilities and innovation to fill in gaps that were lost long ago. But not all Hellenes are/need-to-be Recons.
Some links: hellenion.org, neokoroi.org, http://www.ecauldron.net/dc-faq.php
Other similar paths include: Religio Romana (ancient Roman religion), Kemeticism (Egyptian), Asatru (Norse), Celtic Reconstructionism, etc. Just about any ancient religion you can think of has someone trying to revive it. 🙂
You say you’re in a coven, so I assume that means some kind of Wicca or non-denominational witchcraft. 🙂 Some important things to keep in mind during your exploration: Not all Pagan religions are “earth-based” though most do have a healthy respect for nature. Not all Pagan religions use or even approve of witchcraft or magic. And many Pagan religions come from the viewpoint of hard polytheism: we don’t all go in for the “all gods are one god, all goddesses are one goddess” idea.
Here’s a brief listing from Wiki:
Enjoy your exploration! 🙂

beja montes

can i have your yahoomail account so i could ask you anything more about paganism? thanks!:)


Wicca and Hellenic are the first two that come to mind.


Study many, take the best and most positive from them, then make up your own mind.
Being an Eclectic Pagan is a perfectly valid point of view also, so don’t forget that. Anyone who tells you you HAVE to believe in something is not allowing you to grow.
There are many, many branches (Traditions) in Paganism to choose from. Research in many Pagan sites or books for ideas on which ones you think will fit well into your life.
If, at some future date, you find something else that may work better for you, go for it. Unlike some religions, Paganism is more open to change.
I started out as a Celtic Wiccan, but have come to have my own philosophies, therefore have changed as I grow and learn.

Robert R

I’ll tell you a little about my own branch of Paganism.
(“Pagan” is not considered a correct term for Asatru, we prefer “Polytheistic”)
I practice Asatru ( Also called Heathenry, Odinism, and Forn Sed, among other names), the native, indigeinous Northern European religion.
Asatru means in Old Norse:
Asa – Gods
Tru – True
Therefore, Asatru = “True to the Gods”
We are a reconstructionist religion, and we constantly read texts and poems about our pre-Christian ancestors (these texts are called collectively, the Lore) to become as authentic as we can possibly be.
In our tradition, each god and goddess is a separate entity. There is no “Great God” or “Great Goddess”. Some of our Gods and Goddesses include: Odin, Thor, Freya, Frigga, Idunna, and Tyr. We do not take things from other religions – we believe that it disgraces ourselves and dishonors the religion we are “stealing” from. The Northern Europeans have a rich cultural history, as rich as that of the native americans. It has just been suppressed for so long, we have to look inside ourselves, find our ancestors, honor them, and discover our heritage again.
We have two sacred rituals, the blot (rhymes with “boat”) and sumble.
A blot is a ritual sacrifice to a god, usually of mead or ale, but sometimes we have animal sacrifices. It is usually a pretty simple affair, but may be embellished to a kindreds’ preferences.
Here is a good site that explains the basic blot, as I don’t feel like reinventing the wheel! : http://www.reeves-hall.org/blot.htm
Sumbel is known as the Toast, Boast, and Oath. This holy ceremony is where we got the tradition of toasting a beverage! The horn (yes, a cow horn, like our ancestors used to use!) is passed around, each person has their say. Again, since I risk reinventing the wheel, is a much better summary of a sumbel at:
A note is that many kindreds only do three rounds, combining the middle two. (1st-Gods, 2nd-Heroes&Ancestors, 3rd-Free Round)
A typical calendar of celebrations is as follows:
Disablót-31 January Ostara-21 March
Walpurgis-30 April Midsummer-21 June
Freysfaxi-31 JulyHaustblót-23 September
Winter Nights-31 October Yule-21 December
A lot of these correspond with Wicca holidays; remember wicca is an English invention, and it took a lot from the Anglo-Saxon traditions.
I hope this helps – I’ll give you some stuff to check out for sources!


bahahaha “they are all demonically inspired” possibly the funniest thing that i’ve ever heard. the only religion that has anything to do with the devil is christianity. damn closed-minded christians.
In answer to your question, Wicca, Hellenismos, kemetism, are my favorites. i don’t really fit into a specific one, but i take different things from many different places.


I personally was raised both Wiccan and Christian. I have read up a little on Druidism, Greek Pantheon, Egyptian Pantheon, Celtic Pantheon, and Norse Pantheon. I have great respect for all of them. I can’t really say I fit in any of these, but I take a little out of each, and fallow my own path. Those are the only ones I know about at the moment.
Blessed be.

Courtney Witham

Well if anyone can tell me all the branches, I would be extremely thankful✌


Really stephan ? Please Respect everyone’s right to have religious freedom.




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