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What are some negative health effects of Red Bull or other energy drinks?

What are some negative health effects of binge drinking Red Bull while a physical activity. Suppose a person goes snowboarding for a weekend and drinks about 5 a day. What are some short term and long term side effects of the drink. Are there any health effects concerning fertility in a man.?


  1. A common concern regarding the beverage is its supposedly high caffeine level. Proponents of the beverage counter critics by stating that a serving has roughly the same amount of caffeine as that found in a cup of coffee.
    In 2007, a study conducted by American researchers concluded that Red Bull, along with other popular energy drinks, could boost both blood pressure and heart rates, prompting them to warn those with heart disease to avoid the drinks due to the possibility it could reduce the effectiveness of their medications. The increases, however, did not cause dangerous levels in healthy people. The various measures of heart rate all rose between 5-10 percent during the 1 week trial. Key similarities between Red Bull and the other energy drinks named make the study relevant to the ongoing discussion of Red Bull.


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