Sunday, September 26, 2021

What are some methods of clearing negative energy from a space?


  1. burn sage or lavedender
    do something to help change the negativity…if you put out positive energy, it reflects back to you and ahs a way of multiplying…bb

  2. Smudge with sage, then burn sandalwood incense to put positive energy in (otherwise the negative will flow back in, nature abhors a vacuum). Sprinkle sandalwood in corners, and across thresholds (doorways and windowsills). If you need to pull the big guns, trace a pentacle on every window and door leading outside with a drop of rose geranium oil on your fingertip.

  3. Sweeping the room is a good start. Smudging with sage or an incense you like works well. Once you sweep, sprinkle a small amount sea salt at the entrances to keep negativity from coming back. You can use blessed water to cleans the area as well. Use it to mark protection symbols on windows or doors again to keep negative energies out. If your having a gathering of friends, you can burn a white candle that has been dressed with protection oils or blessed water to keep a room positive. Did you know that having a vase or bowl full of fresh flowers will help lighten the energy in a room? (unless someone’s allergic, so be careful!) But most people enjoy the smell and look of fresh flowers. I’ve made centerpieces for gatherings with flower tops and crystals floating in a large glass bowl. It cleanses the room and is pleasing to look at.
    Drumming or chanting can help clear a space. Actually, you can use any music you like, but something soft or steady works the best. Have you ever tried laughter? genuine laughter always is uplifting and can get rid of most negativity by smiling- so smile more! ;-)))))


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