I’ve beeing looking into and attempting Astral Projection/Lucid dreaming for a few years now. But I’ve just recently really started to study it. I’d like to know any website and any method you’ve used that worked.
Any tips and suggestions would be nice to!


  • Here is a technique that is a relatively easy way out. Go to bed an hour before you usually do. Wake up two hours before you usually do. Do something (walk back and forth is what I do) for about 15 minutes then go to bed. Your body will want to fall immediately back to sleep. All you have to do now is keep your mind on and thinking (not too much though) and let your body go to sleep. You may feel vibrations and hear a click or even something that sounds like screams. Don’t be intimidated or get too absorbed into these symptoms or else you won’t project. If you need more help e-mail me.

  • Ive been lucid a couple of times. In one dream I was able to manipulate my sorroundings, once I felt somthing was not quite right. I looked at my hands(that looked more like a silouette) and instantly i turned a bat(the flying kind) into a dove and I morphed into a frog and ate the other bat. In another lucid dream I again looked at my hands and tried to fly but before I could get my last toe off the ground my leg twitched and I woke up.

    I THINK astral projection is possibly dangerous since there might be spirits in that relm waiting to ponce on you. Then you unknowingly bring an evil spirit into your life(as if we werent already bombarded by them)

  • Great question! Ive had several lucid dreams throughout my life and there was a point in high school where I could almost always have one, if throughout the day I would tell myself that I knew I was awake because I remember how I got there and I could feel myself pinch myself… etc.. Astral Projection on the other hand, I have never attempted this, but have done it for reasons I don’t really understand. One time I had a dream where I was in a new place and my friend was sitting on my lap and then I was kissing my friend in her car. Well I woke up and told my friend about this, and she was with a guy that very last night and exactly what I told her is what happened, and it really freaked her out… Just last week I had a dream where I talked to one of my friends in her sisters apartments kitchen… I woke up and told her about it, and we both had the same dream and both said the same things and were both in the same place… I later found out its called Dream Sharing… Pretty interesting things that I really don’t fully understand yet.

    Michael Burns

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