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what are some meditation techniques for astral projection?


  1. Usually I just picture myself standing on the flat roof outside my window and when I start to feel it under my feet I just wander. The thing I have trouble with is the lack of space and time. Like if I try to look at the car while I’m in it, as long as I can keep my mind on the idea that the car is standing still and the world is moving past it I’m fine, but as soon as my brain corrects that I can’t see it because it doesn’t make sense to my physical brain and it won’t let me see.

  2. There is scant evidence to support the claim that anyone can project their mind, soul, psyche, spirit, astral body, etheric body, or any other entity to somewhere else on this or any other planet. The main evidence is in the form of testimonials.
    (In other words, it doesn’t exist, and you’re a fool if you think this is real.)

  3. 1.) Med. using binarual beats
    2.) Breathing mediation
    3.) Guided meditation
    4.) yoga
    5.) Fire Med.
    6.) Water med.
    7.) Earth med.
    8.) Air med.

  4. A guided meditation and fragrances have worked for me.
    A friend of mine made “astral projection oil” and had me sniff it with my eyes closed ( I didn’t know which oil it was until after I opened my eyes again). Anyway, I took off and found myself just floating in space with a gold cord attached to me. If I saw something that was interesting I shot over to it and had a better look. Until I turned around and had an alien about 3 inched from my noes. It shocked me so bad, I jumped back into my body. It took a few minutes to reground myself and fully integrate back into my body.
    Since I don’t have any of that oil, I meditate by grounding myself to the earth with cords around my ankles, bring energy up from the earth through my chakras, out the top of my head. Then the energy showers down around me to protect me in a golden bubble, before I use it to draw me up and onto the roof, then into the sky. I have gone up through 7 levels of heaven and beyond, before reversing the path and coming back gently into my body.
    Hope this helps.


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