What are some main Hard Qigong techniques?

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If there are websites that have this please tell them.

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Xin Yao

go on youtube and search hard qigong

David N

“Hard Qigong” is a contradiction of terms!
Unless, by “hard,” you are talking about things like Iron Shirt, Iron Head, Iron Body and similar application that are usually only taught in China. (I don’t think that this is the case.)

Bluto Blutarsky4

qi gong is a fraud.
chi as “magic” like qigong preaches is a fraud.

ron w

If you are talking about Hard Body Qigong there are ginger fists, dragon kicks, chi strike redirection to name a few. Chi is a powerful force but takes both an excellent instructor and patient student to use. Beware of fraudulent instructors as this is an extremely dangerous form of kung fu.


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