What are some magick ways of healing the flu?

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Im a learner of magick and trying to learn by myself and i was wondering if there are any alchemy potients/spells/charms/chakra healing/rituals or any way of healing a illness that involves magick. If any of you athiests tell me this isnt real or im a idiot for asking this then please keep away from my question i ask you nicely 🙂 . I may have the swine flu because i dont feel good and there have been alot of kids sick at school lately. And the thing is that there is no vaccine for the swine flu so since im a learner of my pagan religion this is my only option besides washing my hands and drinking fluids and stuff. So can any wiccans or whitches please help me out, or gimme some advice please? (polite advise) 😀

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God's Soldier

Healing sickness for your own personal gain, might make it worse.


My favorite potion to use is Nyquil+ Oj and Vodka. Makes me wake up feeling better when I have it, anyway.
Please keep in mind that the swine flu has killed far, FAR fewer people this year than the flu we are used to.

Menachem Avinoam


Sam G

One common odd ritual from an old belief system that many will testify to its truth today involves an odd ritual of making a request or “wish” to a genie-like creator being.
You poke yourself four times, once in the head, then the chest, then the left shoulder, then the right shoulder. While doing this you say for each poke, “In the name of the father(head) son(chest) and the Holy(left) spirit (right)”
Say your wishes, a “please O almighty father” and then many say it will be granted.


the magic of antivirals


DayQuil and Nitquil

Pagan Mama

First and foremost…you need to see a doc ASAP, especially if you have been exposed to Swine Flu.
Secondly herbal green teas and honey (or lemon) are best to help you deal with the symptoms of flu.
http://www.mojomoon.net/healnet.html Scroll down to Simple Crystal Healing Spell, that should help.

warrior soul

lots of water and tylenol, and a strong belief that you will be well soon. Remember what it was like when you were not ill. focus is the basis of magic. If you cannot focus then stop where you are and begin to learn how to do that.


Rest. Drink lots of fluid. Don’t exert yourself, eat fruits and veggies, and see a doctor. Best spells I know of.


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