Home Discussion Forum What are some legal hallucinogens, psychedelics, or shamanic herbs?

What are some legal hallucinogens, psychedelics, or shamanic herbs?

I need something that is legal in the United States. A safe substance that can cause hallicinations, altered perception, or visions of some kind.


  1. Salvia Divinium. It’s a cousin to the Mint plant, and its active ingredient, Divinorum, is only found in it. It is COMPLETELY legal, available at plenty of smoke shops or adult novelty stores (where i first found it at) and from my experience works dangerously well. Your best bet is to get a high quality extract, i got a gram of 40x extract for $50, and one hit was enough to induce sudden changes to my reality. Now i would like to add that i have NEVER done any illicit drugs, not even marijuana, and the only reason i tried this Salvia was as a legal way for me to prove to myself that it is not something i would ever want to get into, which it did. The experience was not pleasent, although i hear that is how it is for many hallucinogens, you have to be experienced in using them in order to make them work well and pleasently.
    You can even buy salvia off eBay, unless they’ve outlawed that yet (it wasn’t outlawed as of a year ago). Go with a high multiplier extract, 40x means it has that many times the active ingredient per gram, so you have very quick yet short hallucinations, or you can go with a bag of salvia leaves put into a hookah, and have a very slow onset, long duration hallucination, but you had better have sober friends with you during that (and i suppose any) usage of salvia.

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