What are some interesting things a girl can be? Along the lines of a witch?

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Fairy tale things that still have a mythical or otherwise quality such as a witch.

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*dream weaver*

The most interesting thing a girl can be is to be herself without fear 🙂


Dryad- creature that is female that blossoms out of a tree. Skin looks like bark while hair seems to be a conopy of leaves.Very protective of their forests. Often known to charm travelers into helping them deal with threates to the wild that they could not do themselves.
Lillend- female creature that lower body has a body of a colorful serpent, and large wings of a colorful bird. This creature cares of nothing but it’s art ex. music, paintings, ect.
Nymph-a female creature that is so beautiful physicaly that any onlooker would be blinded by the intense beauty. Like Drewids any animal would know that it would heal it if the animal is injured. The nymph is protecter of sacred places in the wild.
There are more but I’m tired.


A witch is not a fairy tale thank you


An undine/ondine (the spelling varies). From German mythology, these were water nymphs.
In Greek mythology, water nymphs were called Naiads. They presided over wells, springs, rivers, etc.


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