Home Discussion Forum What are some illusions trapping mass consciousness?

What are some illusions trapping mass consciousness?


  1. Capitalism, mass marketing, religion, politics, Individuals as being separate. the list is probably almost endless. Just about any concept or idea that tries to persuade people to abide to a set of ideals with the intention of making us believe that we need it or them.

  2. Religion is always a funny one. Patriotism is a close second.
    I always like the freedom isn’t free signs that you see.
    The Army war college says that every war is fought for resources/economic interests, but to make it acceptable it is framed in some more noble light as a crusade for freedom or against evil.
    It always amazes me that people continue to fall for this nonsense over and over.
    Love and blessings Don

  3. What are some illusions trapping mass consciousness?
    ~~~ There are no such things as ‘illusions’.
    That which is perceived exists.
    That which exists is perceived.
    Not a thing exists that is not perceived.
    Not a thing is perceived that does not exist.
    There is no, nor can there be, any evidence to the contrary.
    Everything that is perceived is real, whether they be ‘thoughts’ or ‘hamburgers’!
    “The complete Universe (Truth/Reality/existence/Mind) can be defined/described as the sum-total of all Perspectives!” – Book of Fudd
    And there is no such thing as ‘mass consciousness’ and the notion of ‘trapping’ Consciousness is an absurdity!
    There is ‘one’ Consciousness wherein Mind is perceived (by all of us Perspectives) as Reality/existence/the Universe!


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