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what are some health benefits of a sauna ?

i am going to build a sanua, i have this absation for them. tell me any thing you no ? history, stiles, sweat lodge, steam room verses sanua. wood heat, etc.


  1. I love the steam, it’s great!
    My personal observation is that the humidity and steam is good for my hair, moisturizing it and making it fuller and less dry. The steam also is great for the skin, opening the pores to expel waste, and hydrating it in return. Sitting in the sauna is relaxing and you forget about the rest of the world for a little while. I’d recommend it to anyone (except if you have certain medical conditions – consult a doctor first before using a sauna in that case).

  2. I don’t know if there are true health benefits, but I believe that it helps create a feeling of well being and relief from stress that would enable one to get along without pain relievers, etc.
    I also like a steam room, and I find that I like a lot of water thrown on the rocks of my sauna. I usually shower first to enter wet, and spend 15-20 min in the sauna. Most saunas are electrically heated, as that makes the most sense for controlling the heat with a thermostat.
    I bought a kit for mine online at a reasonable price – I had to cut each piece of cedar to fit, as I was customizing to fit under a stairway. The heater was chosen from a few alternatives – I oversized a bit in order to speed heat-up, and I think that was a wise choice.


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