What are some good yoga poses for beginners?

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Also, are there free videos online of them? I’m taking a new interest in yoga. 🙂

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Randall J.

Not sure about free videos online, but there are beginner yoga DVDs at places like Walmart for under 10 dollars. Also, if you have ON DEMAND or FIT TV CHANNEL, you can likely find a number of yoga videos.
Good poses to look up for beginners:
Sun Salutations
Upward Dog and Downward Dog
Warrior One
Warrior Two
Runners Pose
Tree Pose


I suggest you take a look at http://yoga-experts.cjb.net/ it is a great yoga website with a lot of information and advice.


Itunes has great, free classes. it’s called “20 min. Yoga Sessions from Yoga Download”. TONS of great classes for beginners, intermediates, and advanced all for FREE! Not all are 20 minutes. Some are 30, one or two are even an hour. It even comes with a free, printable pose guide if you don’t know any of the poses.


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