What are some good Yoga or Pilates books or videos?

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I have begun taking both Yoga and Pilates classes but the gym I go to will be closing soon and I cannot find another place nearby that I can afford right now. Does anyone know of some good videos or books to continue my exercising?
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children of dysfuntional family


Imani Munishi

try out 10 minute solution pilates with Lara Hudson. it’s amazing! I could already see a difference after one week of 30 min a day.
here’s a link for one of the videos :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhk_SIWr-aI
I do the burn video first
then buns and thighs
and then the video for your abs
try it out!


i think the best place is at home.. i know one.. i hope it helps


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