What are some good witchcraft to begin with something quick and easy for pagans/wiccans?

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every answer i’ve gotten by a majority of people say either say not all pagans do witchcraft and said if our truley pagan you would no. Well this pagan does witchcraft and no i dont no because i have some questions unanswered. So if you no of any quick and easy rituals or spells or potions like for example moon water and how to prepare please share you knowledge with me. Thank You.

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think this is really stuff u learn over time, its about knowledge, u cant just ask 4 spells, u have to go out there an learn, read books meet people an it will find u

Joe Garry

If you do witchcraft and have questions, you really do need to research more. Scott Cunningham, although Wiccan, is a very easy and comprehensible read. He is very practical about what he teaches and I believe that you might be able to benefit from what he has to say. I am also a pretty practical witch (yes, men are witches also) and moon water is really a no-brainer. One method might be to get a clean container, fill with water, expose to moonlight (I prefer full moon) and voila! moon water. It’s really not any more complicated than that, unless you wish to speak with the Lady and ask for her blessings to fill the water. YOU need to feel the reason for which you are doing this, or any, spell. Just speak from your heart. Intention is the biggest part of anything you do.


Really, you’d have to be more specific than that. There are always (of course) easier spells that you can start off with, but usually, one wants to have a reason or purpose for doing the spell, not just performing one at random. You can email me with more specifics for what you’re looking for, but you’d kinda need a purpose or a type of spell you’re looking for. Not to mention that if you really wanna get into witchcraft, you should learn how spells are created so that you can make your own, because those will be far more potent.


Herbalism – A craft that Christians called Witchcraft.
1. Oil of cloves placed on a fingertip and rubbed on a gum can stop the pain of a “tooth ache.”
2. Lemon, Mint, Hot water, and ground willow bark, mixed well, can help a bad headache.
3. Hot apple Juice and infused chamomile for a good nights sleep.
4. This is both old and new. Masks of either yogurt or sour cream will help the skin of your face 10 times as much as commercial masking mixtures and cost about one tenth of those commercial mixtures. Mix in some crushed mint.
5, This is both an old herbalist item and common sense. If you have sinuses and nostrils almost blocked, peal and cut a rough onion in half, inhaling through nose as much as possible, and keep inhaling for the count of 100 while slowly removing each layer of the onion.

Emily H

“Quick and easy” and “witchcraft” are mutually exclusive.
If you really want to learn magick, start by learning the basics of quantum mechanics (in a science book, not a magick/new age book). Spells are completely useless if you don’t know how to direct your personal energy and tap into natural forces, so study some books about that as well. I recommend Christopher Penczak’s Inner Temple of Witchcraft.
Also, you should never trust something written in a book or told to you by someone without many corroborating sources as well as your own experimentation. Witches are superstitious. Witchcraft is an art, a science, and a spirituality. Note the science.
Whatever you do, don’t buy spell kits on Ebay. They are a con-job.

kymm r

you should study for a year before you practice anything and the person whom teaches you should have at least 10 years or more experience.


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DO i have the gift ...not some pompus who wants to learn it....do i have the gift?
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