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What are some good websites or books for information on these Pagan religions?

I am interested in finding out more about pagan religions. Specifically Druidry (mostly Modern Druidism) and Celtic Reconstructionism. But all the different types of Pagan religions interest me and I would love to learn about any of them. Wicca is something that I wouldn’t mind knowing more about, but. I am more specifically looking to learn more about Druidry: it’s history, traditions, and what modern druids do and believe in. Please list some websites, preferably, or some books. Thank you.


  1. There’s lots of stuff on Wicca:
    Celtic Reconstructionism is about being historically authentic, so their sources tend to be history books. (And I mean real, newer history books, not books in the New Age section claiming to be about the Celts, nor books that are 100 years old) But here’s one resource:
    Modern Druids have several organizations you can check out that can lead to more sources:

  2. For Druidry, your best best are adf.org, keltria.org, and druidry.org. There’s a number of books out there on Druidry, some good, some bad. The stuff from the ADF guys (Isaac Bonewitz, Skip Ellison, etc.) are pretty good. Avoid the ones by Douglas Monroe, they’re crap.
    For CR, paganachd.com and imbas.org are your best bets. There’s a book called The Apple Branch by Alexei Kondratiev that’s one of the few CR books out there. Erynn Laurie has one out that I need to check, but I’m willing to recommend her work sight unseen.


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