Home Discussion Forum What are some good ways to introduce Tantra practices to a lover?

What are some good ways to introduce Tantra practices to a lover?


  1. I can’t think that there would be ANY sort of problem in just saying- Dear- I have something fun…let’s try something completely different tonight….. ANY lover worth keeping would be totally delighted in any sort of good love-making!
    Light those candles, put on the music and tell him- I am going to give you one heck of a massage…..

  2. Tantra, the weaving of male and female energies together although very natural has been buried under layers of conditioning. However sexual energy has the power to burn the layers away to reveal reality as it is. It is best to practice with someone that has been initiated first, second best is to find a Tantra teacher for couples, however Tantra as I have said is natural but the couple need to stay present, feel the sexual energy and rejoice in one anothers being, climax is not important, the experiences available in Tantric practice makes the orgasm pale in comparison.

  3. Dance with Kali gave you the answer of what it is. Much more if you can find the right person and it works. You need to find out what beliefs and how open the other persons mind is.
    This is more than anything the sexual unions pleasure is. The blending of two becoming one.
    1+1= 2 With this 1+1=1


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