Home Discussion Forum What are some good ways to cleanse away negative energry ?

What are some good ways to cleanse away negative energry ?

Please no stupcleid comments ! I’m asking someone who is a real spiritualist who knows how to cleanse a house full of negative energy..


  1. Cast a circle around your house, and burn sage, using it to ward out the negative energy. go to every window and door and banish the negative energy from coming into your sacred space, asking the God and Goddess to help protect you and your family.

  2. I’m a Christian “spiritualist” I guess you could say. I had the same problem, my house was full of demon activity, and I had to “clean” it. It was definitely negative energy, that’s for sure. One time I picked up a candle that was not lit, or even warm, and tipped it over, and felt HOT wax pour down my leg and burn me – but there was no wax, no flame, nothing. There were also plenty of other indicators, not to mention just the general vibe I was getting, and the negative attitudes that everyone living there suddenly picked up. So…I had to do something about this. I took my authority as a Christian and commanded any demons that were infiltrating my home to leave in the name of Jesus. I also threw out any objects that could be attracting demon activity, such as decorative items that I bought in a midevil store. I also plead the blood of Jesus (http://www.bible-knowledge.com/How-to-Plead-the-Blood-of-Jesus.html) on a regular basis. It wasn’t long before my spiritual house cleaning was a success and I was able to enjoy victory in my life once again.


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