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What are some good things to listen to to help my mind body and soul?

I’ve recently been interested in becoming more spiritual and soulful as to becoming more i guess wise and more in tune with my mind. Things such as meditation and ive been looking into meditating for my chakra’s. I’ve been listening to tony robbins =), I’m basically looking for something to listen to that will help me free my mind and help me work on my mind and soul to strengthen it and focus on areas im weak. if that makes sense at all a little help with some audio please.
I was hoping for more of like instructional i guess is what i was trying to get at, something that is more of like picture urself or something along those lines, kind of a self help deal
thank you though i will check into those


  1. Check out a chakra meditation and yoga book and cd by Alan Finger. He’s very good.
    EDIT: That’s what Alan Finger does.

  2. Soul is a fiction, so can’t be helped, and nothing you listen to can help your body, but your mind can thrill to the joys of fine music. I particularly recommend the Durufle Requiem and the Faure Requiem — particularly the last movement of the latter.


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