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What are some good things to drink to stay awake besides energy drinks.?

I want to stay up late tonight and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I can do this. Preferrably Id like something to drink, for example a tea loaded with sugar. That normally does it for me, but im looking for something that will give me more of a buzz.
also plase dont say coffe because ive already thought of that.


  1. Kombucha
    you can find it at the health food store
    it’s amazing
    and it makes you feel really good
    definitely gives you a “buzz” (but not like you’re drunk, it just makes you feel alert and happy) 😀

  2. My choice is definitely an unhealthy one. But fizzy drinks or anything sweet work for me 🙂 My personal favorite being Cola but that would be last resort. If not its something like Calamansi Lime Juice, works everytime and its healthier!
    Good luck with staying up!

  3. The caffeine in tea or coffee is what has that effect, but the sugar will tend to make you drowsy. If you are thinking of drinking soft drinks loaded with caffeine you may be hearing toward something that will be a real health hazard causing kidney damage etc, and staying up late is not worth damaging the health over.


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