What are some good techniques to develop psychokinesis?

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I’ve been trying to develop this for 2 years. I’ve tried the “jar” technique and that didn’t work. I couldn’t find any good websites and I would like some ideas here! I’m looking for some good techniques and maybe websites! I’ve practiced hard and really want to find a new way!

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You have to be born with it.

Always Right

Stand on your head while naked and shove Skittles up your nose.


Im not going to give you ideas. You better stop or you will kill yourself.


psychokinesis? its a myth, plus no one dare to prove it under controlled conditions.


Concentrate really hard and try to work your keyboard by telekinesis alone. No cheating! Try this for the next year, but remember — if you use your fingers even once it will not work. We’ll all be looking forward to hearing from you in the future, or not… 🙂


You have to have an extremely random combination of genes, or a very extremely unlikely mutation/crossing of the genes (obviously at copulation), and then you might just have the chance of being a telekinetic person. Some also believe that if one goes through an extremely, EXTREMELY torturous pain of the cerebral cortex, that you might develop very random and potentially powerful powers…but you’ll probably be dead.
But, like Jesus said, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed (obviously not in the literal physical sense), and truely believe, anything is possible


you can go to this website it is one that does research into this type of thing as well as ESP. Psycholinesis is also known as PK


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