What are some good techniques for lucid dreaming?

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I’ve been reading up on Lucid Dreaming lately. I was curious if you personally experience them, and what you did to learn it?
I read the first step is dream recall. Anyone keep a dream diary?

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My mother keeps a dream diary, she has volumes!!!! She talks so intelligently about everything, and has quite a following and gets a lot of attention at parties….
yet in her personal life she never seems happy


Yeah, I do.
I always remember my dreams, anyway, but I still keep a diary.
Best way to dream is to eat heaps of cheese just before bed time – works every time for me (and a little red wine helps it go down . . )


that is precisely what most therapist would advise -you keep a diary and record your dreams as soon as you can in the morning. Once you have accumulated these dreams you can read your notes and dissect the why and how and sub conscious thoughts and desires you may have. Great self help and self awareness.


Usually i have a lucid dream when i wake up and fall back to sleep. Its called a “Wake Iniatated Lucid Dream” if I recall my own past readings. I just hate the paralysis and the paranoia that accompanies entering the hypnogogic state. Counting down from something, like 100 allows me to stay focused long enough to “materialize” in the dream.
And with me, if I eat chocolate before bed i’ll often have one. Donno whether thats just coincidence or not.


The more you read up on it, and the more you keep a diary, the more likely you are to experience it. I’ve found that when I really get in depth with my dreams, and discover what they mean, I tend to have more lucid dreams. And one more thing…have you tried astral projection ( http://www.crystalinks.com/astral.html )? I think practicing this really opens up the mind to things like lucid dreaming.


I have a group if you want to help and join? I do keep a dream diary, and the dream recall is a very great technique! I love learning about it and its fun, are you able to interpret them? If not, join here SanctuaryofDreams@yahoogroups.com


I try to keep my dream journal updated as much as possible. I started having more lucid dreams after I had been keeping it for about a month, but I had been able to lucid dream before as well.
I didn’t do anything that I know of; I was a little kid. I never heard of anyone else doing it (I talked about it often) as I grew up. I quit having them for several years until I started reading about it on-line and trying what I seen recommended most often. I know that there is not a definite step-by-step instruction so this is in no order. Here is what have helped me, and it’s generally what’s recommended by other lucid dreamers.
-Dream journal- you don’t have to have the greatest dream recall, but this really helps.
-Reality checks- do them anyway. I don’t care if you know it’s real life. Do at least two each time; do them frequently.
-Methods- There are many others, but I like the Wake Back to Bed (WBTB) and Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams(MILD) because they’ve worked for me. The Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD)


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