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what are some good sound files for inducing astral projections


  1. some albums by Enya are popular,
    Just be aware of one album starts all nice and light, but suddenly the next track sends your meditation Deep into the dark wild woods
    Have fun, see you on the astral plain

  2. This kind of thing is dangerous. I could tell you some stories about it. One guy who did this never came back to his body, was found dead in the Attic.
    Another situation: Someone I know who did this said when she was out of her body, a demon entered her body and took over and did many terrible things, then left, and she got severely blamed for all of that.
    I have read of other things such as who takes you where you are going? It is demons who take you for a ride.
    All for now.

  3. Nobody can astral project.
    If anyone tells you they can, make them prove it. Create a simple test where you place some objects in a room, then have them astrally project into that room and name all the objects. They won’t be able to do it. No person that’s written a book on it can either. If they could, they would take Randi’s million dollar challenge.
    About all anyone will tell you is some form of self hypnosis, which will make you think you’re out of your body.
    A lot of methods talk about trying to astrally project right before you go to bed. These people aren’t astrally projecting either, they’re just dreaming.
    Trust me, no one can really make any occult stuff work. Not even the famous occultists that wrote books.


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