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What are some good plants for meditation?

Something to relax the nerves while not intoxicating or clouding the perception …
Also … where can or do you get them? Fresh is usually good … and (this) cold season is probably better for shipping goods without sacrificing potency to the heat, for those without access to local nurseries.
i’d appreciate very much any help someone could give for serious meditation. catalyst is needed.


  1. Valeriana officinalis (valerian) and Mellisa officinalis (lemon balm) are known to be very effective relaxants, or mild sedatives. They are often used to reduce stress and insomnia as well.
    You can drink tea from either one of the mentioned herbs, or even better, from both of the herbs, to increase the effect. Some people notice the effects already after the first cup (like I do too), but some report effects not until a few days have passed into this kind of therapy. I often make tea from the mentioned herbal mixture in the evening, and it helps me to relax and to sleep better, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be used as an meditation aid too.
    Hope that helped, good luck 🙂

  2. I think that you will find tea (Camellia sinensis) to be an aid in meditation. The energies in a good tea are marvelous. Lung Ching is one of my favorites.

  3. Someone who is into this sort of thing gave me a bottle of this stuff sometime ago, and I have to say – I was some what impressed – maybe it is placebo effect or something, but who cares….I used it for a few weeks at a time, and overtime, my meditation quality did seem to improve….I was able to feel more “grounded” and still my mind a little quicker, and seemed to have deeper relaxation as a result…and a few other deeper insights, that I would find difficult to explain in words….
    Anyhow, this is the stuff….
    If you are looking for an actual herb though, I would suggest Kava Kava Root – which is typically used as an alcohol tinticure, or you can brew a tea from the dried root or from tea bags….though it can be hard to find as well. It relaxes the mind without being sedating. Gaia liquid extract is my favorite….much stronger than the other brands, so you can use much less – which is a good because it tastes like bilge water, makes your mouth really numb and burns like the devil 😉
    The Ayurvedic herbal medicine Bacopa Moneri is another one I would suggest….but for reasons for which I have not found a satisfactory explaination, it makes some people very mentally active (indeed, for them, its a great study aid)….while in others its a relaxing but non-sedating herbal supplement. Solaray (brand) makes it in capsules…but if you can find a tea with it in it (yogi brand makes one, but I can’t remember the variety….), I prefer the tea over the capules….


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