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What are some good paranormal websites?

I’m interesting in finding good sites about psychic abilities, spirits/ghosts, reincarnation and past life regression, and anything else that might be interesting but those are my main concerns. I’d like real sites with information too, not those sites that try to get you to buy psychic readings and stuff. Thanks!


  1. That’s an odd use of the adjective “good”.
    The paranormal is for easily fooled people eager to ignore what is really a spectacular reality in favor of wasting their lives on the pursuit of nonsense like what they’d seen on television.

  2. ghostvilliage.com
    I have seen some others but I
    can’t remember them all.
    If you wan’t to read about the
    paranormal or Ghosts try a book
    Ghostly Locales From Around the World.
    It is mainly the encounters people have had,
    but it was interesting.

  3. None are good , they are all part of the machinations of the devil.
    They are designed to take your focus away from the true God Jehovah and put them onto the disgusting things of Satan the devil.
    For more Bible based info plz feel free to email me.


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