What are some good methods?

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Please tell me some proper and reliable methods to clean a place/room after performing a spirit evocation.
I want your opinions on how to banish that spirit, which incenses should be used and what prayers should be said to completely clear the room of the spirit’s energies.
And please, no rude and ignorant answers here.
Thank you very much.
I have done an evocation once and the spirit departed when I asked it to do so.
I realized that back then I have not taken all the precautionary measures and I didn’t protect me at all.
I’m not hurrying it up, I want to gather some extra info and knowledge about this kind of operation to be sure I’m out of harms way.
Thank you all for the helping responses, as for the others, I hope you will someday stop being so ignorant about things you don’t understand.

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Atom74, the sexiest SFCU

White sage, for smudging from what I know. Some cultures use a ring of salt around the house.

I changed my name again.

Wi… With a vacuum cleaner?
But like the ones from Ghost Busters.


Oh jeez

St. Nearly

Lysol spray is the best, if it’s a large room use the whole can.


i don’t know what religion you are following if any so i mean that would play into what you believe is the right steps to take…
in my opinion the best thing you can do is talk to the spirit if you think one is present- tell them it is alright for them to move on tell them its alright to go now….and see what happens =0)


Whoever performed the evocation should have guided you on this. However, Sandalwood incense is the best.Best wishes


The spirit is either there or gone, leave it at that until you see contrary signs.


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