What are some good guided meditation and creative visualization cd's out there?

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I’ve already got the title Meditation Made Simple, which goes into different healing light visualizations and breathing exercises. I also have Lifescapes Guided Meditation, which is more of what I’m looking for right now. They have actual scenarios that they go through while you visualize them (one where it takes you through a rainforest, another where you lay out in the moonlight, and even one where you float in the ocean).
Does anyone know of any other similar types of CD’s out there?

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God is a Liberal

have you sampled the many, many visual meditations on youtube?

alex S

You can visit http://www.meditationsguide.com for more info…..

Tommy H

There is another form of meditation along with spiritual development, requiring no visualization and no breathing technique. The healing benefit is great.


Here are some I like:
Totally Tranquil – free demo
Deep Zen (top right – free demo)
Happy holidays!


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